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Newsletter #7: FACTLOG @ IoT-Catalogue.com

FACTLOG results available on IoT-Catalogue.com

Visit IoT-Catalogue.com and view the FACTLOG results in an interactive way.
Published On: April 19th, 2023 | Tags: , |

Discover what solutions were developed, what are their features and how they connect together. Check how they were used to address the business goals of FACTLOG.

View on how each of the FACTLOG use cases were solved using the developed solutions, on how each solution were applied in different contexts.

Discover all this, and much more on the IoT-Catalogue.com, which is a one-stop-source, developed by UNPARALLEL, for Internet of Things (IoT) knowledge, innovations and technologies, aiming to help IoT stakeholders (developers, integrators, advisors, end-users, etc.) to take the most advantage of the Internet of Things for the benefit of society, businesses and individuals. It is an explorer for innovations in IoT applications and technologies; it is a web-based tool that enables to pick & choose IoT solutions; it is a wide repository of knowledge, use cases, contacts, etc. of the Internet of Things.