The project is led by Maggioli SpA. Among the consortium partners are:

  • 2 Large Industries / ICT
  • 6 SMEs
  • 6 Research Institutes / Universities
  • 5 Manufacturing Industries
  • 2 Industry Clusters



MAG is an IT company with several offices and software factories in Italy and Spain and is equipped with modern and efficient data centers which also provide cloud application services.

MAG is the Project Coordinator of the FACTLOG project, responsible for the overall management and coordination, Technical Coordinator and System Integrator.

Athens University of Economics and Business 


The AUEB is the third oldest University in Greece and the oldest one in the general fields of Economics and Business. The ELTRUN is the E-Business Research Centre of the Athens University of Economics and Business 

AUEB is the Scientific Coordinator of the project. AUEB is involved in all pilot cases both in the requirements phase as well as in evaluation. Additionally, as an expert in optimization it is lead WP5 which is relevant to the Robust Optimization Methods. 

University of Piraeus 


The UNIPI was founded as a “School of Industrial Studies” by the Association of Industrialists and Tradesmen with a clear market & business orientation. The UNIPI Research Centre provides administration and technological support to the European and National projects. 

UNIPI is involved in all pilot cases in the requirements elicitation and use case analysis phase. Additionally, as an expert in optimization it is heavily involved in designing and implementing Robust Optimization Methods. 

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne 


The EPFL is one of the two Swiss Institutes of Technology, involved in various fundamental and applied research projects in the Sustainable Manufacturing domain in collaboration with Swiss and European industrial partners. EPFL team has hands-on experience and holds licenses of several semantic tools and platforms.

EPFL is lead WP4 relevant to Knowledge Graphs and Process Modelling. In parallel with TUC they are actively involved throughout the creation of the knowledge graphs for all toolkits. 



Qlector is a start-up company developing artificial intelligence-based solutions for manufacturing, logistics and other industries. Qlector’s core product is an AI platform consisting of anomaly-detection-as-a-service, forecasting and planning support modules. 

Qlector is an expert in large scale data analytics and artificial intelligence and is involved in the pilot of waste-to-fuel with JEMS and NISSA. 

Jožef Stefan Institute  


JSI is the leading research institution for natural sciences in Slovenia with 25 departments working in the areas of computer science, physics, chemistry and biology. The AI Laboratory is one of the largest European research groups works in the areas of machine learning, data mining, language technologies, semantic technologies and sensor networks. The Centre for Knowledge Transfer in Information Technologies works in the areas of research results dissemination and eLearning and covers management, training and dissemination activities of various EU projects. 

JSI leads WP2 relevant to Analytics and AI for Cognitive Factories. 



JEMS, energy company, d.o.o is a start-up company facilitating expansion, visibility and importance of green waste to fuel technologies. The company joins the knowledge and the solutions of the partner companies into an integrated solution enabling further development and diversification of the green waste to fuel technologies of the future. 

JEMS acts as a Pilot in the Waste-to-fuel sector.



Nissatech is an innovation-driven SME with strong international cooperation and vision to become East European leader in developing advanced IT solutions for real-time processing to be used in various industries and businesses.  

NISSA is involved in the Waste-to-fuel and Oil pilots with JEMS and AUEB respectively with the D2Lab big data processing platform. NISSA also leads WP3 relevant to the Enhanced Cognitive Twins. 

Technical University of Crete 


The TUC is a rather new Academic Institution with a fast-growing, which consists of five school. The research activities are characterized by the implementation of an interdisciplinary approach, which is achieved by coordinating and participating research projects. 

TUC has expertise in process modelling and participate in parallel with EPFL for creation of the knowledge graphs for all toolkits. 



Tüpraş is Turkey’s largest industrial enterprise with 28.1 mn ton crude oil processing capacity and also the 7th biggest refining company in Europe. Tüpraş has four refineries operating in four different cities of Turkey (Kocaeli, İzmir, Kırıkkale, Batman). The emerging technologies are very crucial for Tüpraş in order to produce in more sustainable and efficient way. 

TUPRAS acts as Pilot in the Oil refineries case with Qlector and NISSA. TUPRAS is also lead WP1 relevant to the requirements, use cases and data. 



Konnekt-able Technologies is a technology research and development firm, based in the Republic of Ireland. The vision is simple – to create connections – through technology, through the practical application of research, and through collaboration.  

Expert in AI analytics and will help integration, assessment and monitoring of manufacturing KPIs and exploitation. 

Control 2K Limited 

United Kingdom

C2K is a small company providing services for business improvement into industry. C2K is based at the Waterton Technology Centre, adjacent to the Ford Motor Company Engine Plant to whom they provide Control Systems Training Services. C2K is a member of TANet, a group of research organisations and multipliers (technology transfer) in the UK and has been involved with a number of European Projects. 

Cluster for the support of the steel manufacturing pilot (BRC) pilot. 


United Kingdom

BRC is the UK’s largest supplier of steel reinforcement and associated products for concrete. With a network of strategically placed manufacturing locations, are able to meet all requirements regardless of the size of the project. All steel reinforcement manufactured by BRC, complies with the highest quality and sustainability standards. 

BRC acts as a pilot in the Steel manufacturing case supported by C2K as cluster and MAG as technology provider. 



UNP is a Portuguese technological SME that develops digital technologies and provides consulting services on digitization with a strong foundation on research. UNP develops new products ranging from hardware devices, software/web solutions, or mobile applications, and provides high-value consulting services on technology development, strategic insights, market intelligence, etc.  

UNP is an innovation expert and supports the Textile case of PIA with Domina. UNP additionally leads WP8 relevant to the Dissemination, Business innovation and Impact creation.  

Fratelli Piacenza 


PIA is a SME manufacturer of fine woolen fabrics, leader in the top segment of noble fibre fabrics for fashion and luxury markets, is one of the oldest textile industries. It is supplier of fabrics to all world-leading fashion brand manufacturers (Zegna, Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Hermès).  

PIA acts as a pilot in the Textile industry case with the support of DOMINA and UNP. 



DOMINA is a company formed by organizational consultants and software developers, specialized in the design, development and implementation of information systems for the textile/clothing industry, aimed at the global computerization in a client and web server architecture, on ORACLE database.

Domina is an IT supplier and in FACTLOG its support the PIA pilot.



Software Imagination & Vision S.R.L. (SIMAVI) is a large company, a newly established spin-off company of SIMAVI Romania SA – a large software company established in 1992. SIMAVI has inherited all the assets related to the software development activities, the related experience in the field, the implementation teams, the certificates and the authorizations held by SIVECO Romania SA.

SIMAVI has taken over the software products and projects references from the following fields of activity: R&D, Education & Training, eHealth, Security, Customised Applications, ERP & BI, Customs, and Government.

SIMAVI will pursue with a significant experience and an exceptional track record in R&D&I projects, being involved as technological provider and as coordinator in many European and national research projects.

Continental Automotive Romania SRL  


CONT is part of the Continental Corporation and one of the main pylons for development and production. The Continental Central Electronics Plant in Timisoara is a modern factory with the production of electronic components for airbag control unit and instrument cluster. 

CONT acts as a Pilot for the Automotive Manufacturer pilot with the support of SIVECO and KT.  

HANSE-AEROSPACE Wirtschaftsdienst GmbH  


HAW is a subsidiary of the aviation and space association HANSE-AEROSPACE e.V. and offers full-service organization of trade fairs from a single source and services for the member companies like consulting, research and development. HAW is also developing tools for collaboration in the aviation industry (e.g. AVIPEO.COM).  

HAW will participate in the FACTLOG efforts to define requirements and use cases beyond given pilots and domains and in particular in the Aerospace Domain.  



TAGES was established by the machine manufacturers to develop new industrial technology products and information technology solutions for the machinery. TAGES is a member of FINES Cluster, NESSI and NEM European Technology Platforms and ODI (Open Data Institute). TAGES is also registered as a DSI (Digital Social Innovation) Institution. The Headquarter is in Istanbul and have contact offices in Ankara, Milano and Manchester.  

TAGES will participate in the FACTLOG efforts to define requirements and use cases beyond given pilots and domains and in particular in the Machine Manufacturing Industries.