FACTLOG is structured in 9 Work Packages:

Work Package 1

Cognitive Requirements, Use Cases and Data

Definition of all the requirements and respective KPIs is, the use cases are formulated, the specifications are developed and lastly the overall cognitive architecture is developed

Work Package 2

Analytics and AI for Cognitive Factories

Development of the methodologies, infrastructure and modelling to support data-driven analytics within the process industries

Work Package 3

Enhanced Cognitive Twins

Design, development and lifecycle management of the Enhanced Cognitive Twins

Work Package 4

Knowledge Graphs and Process Modelling

Development of a KG-based solution for process modelling and analytics

Work Package 5

Robust Optimization Methods

Creation of the algorithms for Enhanced Cognitive Twins to conduct real-time optimization of production plans and schedules in the new Cognitive Factory.

Work Package 6

Integration and Toolset Creation

Outputs on the development are transformed into respective toolsets for the new cognitive factories

Work Package 7

Cognitive Retrofitting of Process Plants

Cognitive transformation of the process industry plants is enabled, and the innovations are evaluated and in two iterations and experimentation rounds

Work Package 8

Dissemination, Business Innovation and Impact creation

Dissemination and communication activities are orchestrated, business models for the cognitive factories are developed and sustainability and standardization actions are executed

Work Package 9

Project Management

Management of the project